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Restruct is a four-piece alternative rock band founded by lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Freeman Belmont in 2005. The Vancouver, Washington based group is building a dedicated following. With the release of their debut CD ‘Built Back Up From Self-Destruction’, the band is establishing themselves as a strong force in music that is always moving forward and illustrating why they have been compared to the likes of Nickelback, Tool and Trapt.

The band’s influences range from Primus, Tool, Meshuggah, and Pantera, to Nirvana, Faith No More, Alice in Chains and The Beatles, to name a few. The band is getting radio airplay overseas as well as in the US, has opened for Saving Abel and has been picked up by huge sponsors including Rock Star Energy Drink.

The sound is unmistakable, mainstream and yet so diverse that every fan is sure to find a song that they can relate to. ‘Built Back Up From Self-Destruction’ takes the listener on a journey into the worst time in a person’s life where they are given two choices. Self-destruct or rebuild? Self destruction was the initial path taken by lead vocalist Freeman Belmont. RESTRUCT symbolized to him, the reinvention of himself and the self reflection that got him where he is today.

Restruct is a band with no limits and is solidifying a strong fan base across the country. Look for them on tour in 2010 to promote their debut CD.

Their name signifies the rebuilding of something, and building is exactly what this band is doing.

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